Our Philosophy

The web is a fun place. But navigating the vast internet landscape is a challenge, and success online doesn't come without teamwork. We want to become a valuable member of your team, working together to produce something great.

One thing that we constantly emphasize is collaboration. We think we're fun and easy to work with, and that effective communication is essential to any successful relationship. By always keeping our client's best interests in mind, we can provide a unique level of service to everyone we're involved with.

Our Mission

Brick Digital was created on the idea that we could offer personal, quality service to our clients in a cost effective manner, and that's what we strive to do every day.

We don't want to be just another development shop. We don't want to keep our head down with blinders on all day. We want to be your partner, working together to come up with solutions that will help push your business forward.


Our team

  • Brandon Owens

  • President

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Gonzaga University, I was lucky enough to start my career at BlueModus in Denver, Colorado. I decided to start Brick Digital because I wanted to have more control over the relationships I had with clients and I really enjoy working with different people.

I'm a Kentico Certified Developer and previously a Kentico Certified Trainer (a program they no longer offer). I'm a bit enamored with the platform.

I've been lucky enough to have a lot of experience working with different clients and on different websites, including Bacardi, Bayer Healthcare, Walmart, and the Gap. I've had a lot of experience both in Kentico Architecture and Development on sites such as: Bayer Diabetes, Coalfire, Ace Scholarships, Cael, CoreSite, and Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

While I consider myself a Kentico expert, I have lots of experience in other areas as well, including:

  • .NET Development
  • Kentico Architecture and Consulting
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other "front end" technologies
  • Working with teams
  • Getting the job done, no matter what


Kentico Certified Developer


Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master I